About me

It’s important you like my work… that’s a given. It’s important I’m within your budget. That’s pretty obvious too. But the one thing I believe many people seem to overlook is whether your photographer is the right person.

Remember, If you book with me to be your photographer, I’ll be with you, your family and your friends for your entire wedding day.  It’s absolutely essential that we get on well. My creativity flows the best when I know there’s 100% mutual trust between myself and the couple.

This may sound a little ‘needy’, but I strongly believe that we need to bond on a friendship level to get the best out of each other on the wedding day.  Please feel free to use the details on my contact me page for me to call you to talk through your wedding.



My Approach

I strongly believe that your day shouldn’t be dominated by photography just because you’ve booked a professional photographer; instead I ensure you’ve had the right blend of time with me so you aren’t feeling overwhelmed.

So many of my past wedding clients say that your day goes by in a flash, therefore you don’t want photography to be the only thing you remember. Your day will have a section of time allocated for ‘formal’ photography. I keep this punchy… REAL punchy!

I’m a realist. I don’t want you to be standing around for an hour with half a glass of warm champagne in your hand. My preferred style of photography is to stand back and capture the fun you, your friends and family are having.

A simple concept which produces beautiful, natural photographs.

The results from this way of working? Take a look at my gallery to see the consistency of my work, but probably most important, have a read through some of the kind words of praise I’ve received from a mere selection of the clients I’ve photographed in the past….

If you would like to come meet me in person and see my demonstration albums along with a slideshow of some of my most recent work, you can book in to see me, or alternatively you can come meet me at some of the upcoming wedding fayres I’m exhibiting at. (detailed HERE on my homepage)