1-2-1 Photography Tuition

With over 10 years experience of photographing weddings, I now find more and more guests with DSLR cameras asking me for advice. Obviously within an environment of a wedding day, I’m happy to offer advice where I can, but it’s not particularly practical given I have a job to do on the day!

Therefore I now offer 1-2-1 photography tuition sessions.

With digital photography now being readily available to us all, I find more and more people are now wanting to expand their knowledge when it comes to using their cameras and with this some people are investing in DSLR cameras, but many people just cannot get their heads around some of the fundamental basics of using their cameras.

With my 1-2-1 photography tuition sessions, I tailor the session to your own level of understanding, and most importantly, teach you the things you want to learn.

With this in mind, the sessions are centred heavily around a ‘question and answer’ style approach. I feel that this gives you the best value for money.

Sessions can be bought as singular sessions, bulk sessions, they can be in person at my home (preferably) or over Skype if there is a distance problem.

Contact me if you are interested in booking in with me!

” I booked in some 1-2-1 photography sessions with Gav as I could not get my head around the settings on my camera.

I wanted to use manual settings and I think I would still have been stuck to this day if not for him!

He makes the time interesting and has a great way of demonstrating the how the camera works in a way which is easy to follow but more importantly for me, easy to remember.

I have often told people about him and recommend them to book in for sessions with him as I have gone from knowing nothing about my camera to developing my own photography business. Gav helped me with that.

I would recommend him without a moments hesitation. ”

Kim Foley – 1-2-1 Tuition Student

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