Sarah & Adam – Pontefract Wedding Photographer

13th July 2013

It’s a lovely feeling when you get called about shooting someones wedding to begin with, so to get a call to say someone wants you to shoot their wedding because they thought you did an amazing job with a wedding I shot of a close family member, it makes it all that more special!

SO to clarify, I photographed Adam’s brother, Craig and Katie‘s wedding back in 2009 at Burntwood Court.

Sarah and Adam had chosen to get married in a local hotel, the Kyte Hotel in Pontefract.

Another sunny day, in fact it was ROASTING!!!! and following the ceremony, we took a little drive out to go take some photos in nearby fields with Poppy’s and wheat.

Another great day!

Congratulations Sarah and Adam!


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Sarah & Adam – Pontefract Wedding Photographer