Rebecca & Peter – Wentbridge House Hotel Wedding Photography

23rd August 2014

Yet another stunning day which started and ended within the beautiful grounds of Wentbridge House Hotel in Pontefract.

Becka and Peter booked me a loooong time ago! In fact I think their wedding was my very first 2014 wedding in the diary back in 2012 (or it may have even been 2011 come to think of it!)

Once Becka was ready, it was a short trip up the adjoining road to the venue, up to the church at Wentbridge.

After the signing of the register, managing to avoid a low flying bat within the church itself (I kid ye not!) we made our way back down the lane to the grounds of Wentbridge House itself for the formal photos (done within my usual 15 minute time plan!) and then a few photos of the bride and groom, which leaves me to shoot plenty of photos as a bystander, capturing natural moments of people having fun!

Congratulations Becka and Peter! What a fab day!

Wentbridge-House-Hotel-Wedding-Photos_0001 Wentbridge-House-Hotel-Wedding-Photos_0002 Wentbridge-House-Hotel-Wedding-Photos_0003 Wentbridge-House-Hotel-Wedding-Photos_0004 Wentbridge-House-Hotel-Wedding-Photos_0005 Wentbridge-House-Hotel-Wedding-Photos_0006 Wentbridge-House-Hotel-Wedding-Photos_0007 Wentbridge-House-Hotel-Wedding-Photos_0008 Wentbridge-House-Hotel-Wedding-Photos_0009 Wentbridge-House-Hotel-Wedding-Photos_0010 Wentbridge-House-Hotel-Wedding-Photos_0011 Wentbridge-House-Hotel-Wedding-Photos_0012 Wentbridge-House-Hotel-Wedding-Photos_0013 Wentbridge-House-Hotel-Wedding-Photos_0014 Wentbridge-House-Hotel-Wedding-Photos_0015 Wentbridge-House-Hotel-Wedding-Photos_0016 Wentbridge-House-Hotel-Wedding-Photos_0017 Wentbridge-House-Hotel-Wedding-Photos_0018 Wentbridge-House-Hotel-Wedding-Photos_0019 Wentbridge-House-Hotel-Wedding-Photos_0020 Wentbridge-House-Hotel-Wedding-Photos_0021 Wentbridge-House-Hotel-Wedding-Photos_0022 Wentbridge-House-Hotel-Wedding-Photos_0023 Wentbridge-House-Hotel-Wedding-Photos_0024 Wentbridge-House-Hotel-Wedding-Photos_0025 Wentbridge-House-Hotel-Wedding-Photos_0026 Wentbridge-House-Hotel-Wedding-Photos_0027 Wentbridge-House-Hotel-Wedding-Photos_0028

Rebecca & Peter – Wentbridge House Hotel Wedding Photographer